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Engineering homework help

He believed that material things should be those things of value, things that has shape, size and position. These things must basically have a meaning. He mentioned that material things should be something and not pure nothing. So when some of us in our conversations on a daily basis make mention of we are not dating someone for material things, what exactly are we referring to. Many people would consider a purse, car, jewelry and things of that sort material things and to Descartes, unless they have some sort of value or the other to them, they are not material things in his eyes. Burnett, T. (n.d.). What is scientism? Retrieved from Descartes, R. (2007). Meditations on first philosophy(J. Bennett, Trans.). Retrieved from Scientism is a philosophical construct through which a very peculiar way of thinking isdefined. This way of thinking claims that only scientific observations that are based on logicand…

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