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Engineering homework help

Write 6 page essay on the topic The personal selling process.This research will begin with the statement that personal selling forms a critical part of a marketing plan for a company that engages skilled salesperson in a successful deal with a customer. The salesperson should have the ability to successfully close the deal with the customer so that he/she is interested in the company products or services. The present research has identified that in order to successfully close a sales deal, a salesperson should be attentive to the present need of the customer and offer him/her the required products or services. It will be incorrect to state that the job of a salesperson is easy, as convincing a human being for a product or services is hard due to the different bent of mind of the consumers. The author has rightly presented that the companies lay emphasis on the art of selling and there is a definite process that is followed by a salesperson for converting a lead into the buyer. Thus, it is the most expensive form of marketing, where the salesperson should follow definite steps in order to bring sales revenue to the company. Each of these steps is important for the salesperson and company. ThyssenKrupp AG is regarded as one of the largest steel producers in the world and it also engages in providing systems and component to the automotive industry, elevators, escalators and industrial services to its customers. It engages in business-to-business selling with the customers.

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