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Education homework help

I have to write lay article for a Newspaper. It’s length is only 500 words in 1 page. I will attached the research paper which you have to use.  Here is what this assignment needs: Take the topic that you did the research article and write a 500 word lay article for a newspaper. Remember, you are writing it at a level equivalent to the newspaper (about 4th grade) reading level, no jargons or terms that lay people may not understand. PLEASE DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS IN YOUR ARTICLE, points will be deducted for inappropriate use of quotations. Paraphrase instead of quoting. Make sure that you have a catchy title that reflects the topic to go with the article to draw audiences to your article. In addition to the title, the article must have a brief introduction and factual content that would be appropriate for lay people, well-organized, summary/ conclusion, (citation/ references, these do not count as a part of 500 words). A rubric for grading this project will be posted on the website. Do not copy material from your report or the articles, write your own based on information obtained.  The article will be graded with the following in mind: introduction, content, organization, summary/conclusion, citation/references, neatness, correct grammar and spelling, appropriate for lay public, etc. Integration of referenced material is very important and your paper should flow well. DO NOT USE QUOTAITONS, AND ALSO this is not a comparative paper so do not just write a summary of each reference material, the paper should be a review of material on your topic. Cite your references with (author, year) format instead of the numbering system. You may also want to have some of your non-science friends read the article to make sure that it is readable

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