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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Over-Reliance of Drugs among Children. It needs to be at least 1250 words. It is clear from the discussion that Gup points out that he is worried about the high numbers of children who are diagnosed with attention problems. His son is among the 6.4 billion children who have received that diagnoses, which came quite early when he was in his first grade. When he sought for treatment, many doctors prescribed medication for the kid, which made his father quite nervous. He knew that there were a number of options available for exploitation to revert the problem. However, the fact that most of the doctors swore not to meet the patient until he was introduced to medication made the parent succumb to the demands of the doctors. He introduced the child to the drugs, starting with Ritalin and later Adderall.&nbsp.Little did he know the effect of these drugs on the child, who by then was at a young age. He explains that the child’s battery would be sometimes too large for his body, an effect of the drugs. This condition made him leap from the couch and spring to reach to the ceiling. However, at the age of 21, all the exorbitance nature of the young boy ended when he was found lying dead in the floor of his room. By then, he was in senior college. His death was as a result of a mixture of alcohol and drugs.&nbsp.Gup (n.p.) argues that according to his family, his son was an angel. Nobody ever suspected that he could have been a drug addict. Although he says that nobody contributed to the problems imposed by the child to consider the use of heroin and alcohol, he acknowledges that he was a contributing factor to the developments that affected his life. He accuses himself of having introduced his son to drugs at a young age. He reveals that unknown to everybody. his son was a trader in Adderall. He had actually created a submarket in school where he sold the drug among his classmates.&nbsp.

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