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Compose a 750 words essay on General Motors — Consumer Market. Needs to be plagiarism free!It also seeks to target the posh market by growing its sales for Cadillac and increase its growth in the Chinese market through its joint ventures. Its investments in China reach $14 billion expected to improve production and manufacturing between 2014 and 2018 (Rama, 2013).With every market, GM realizes that it has a different target and a new challenge to create a car that will suit the customer profile. To understand the market, the company has to create products that make it easier to fit into the customer’s profile. The goal is to ensure that the customer expectations are met and even exceeded. To do this, the customers range from low-income earners to the high-income earners, with each class given an affordable car pricewise and comfortable to the drivers (Falter, 2013). Despite the class, the comfort is a guarantee. The company has a proactive approach towards meeting customer profile needs and demands by starting from the design process so as to be in accord with the customer. This allows the improvement of any process to be in line with the needs noted from the customers (Kurtz, 2010).To attain its goals, GM has resulted to the use of the values that have held it together all along. The aim is to establish a vision they can meet by allowing customers to be their sole determinants of what to manufacture. This has made the company use its resources to market those cars that have maintained steady growth over the years to create a platform that revolves around the mission of growing the value that GM has attained over time (Falter, 2013). This is coupled with increased objectives of satisfying their markets and ensuring they have quality products to satisfy their customers and eventually improve its financial results. In fact, boosting the company’s profit has become one of the important objectives of its marketing goals because of the years that reduced its profitability and led to its bankruptcy. With the urge to create, connect and compete, GM

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