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Economics homework help

Your document should cover the content presented in the course. The outline below contains recommended points to cover. You are free to add other related information.Describe the technical and business reasons for each choice, citing other resources as appropriate.  The Windows Server 2016 operating system should be used for all aspects of the solution.The topics include:Active Directory Infrastructure·         Describe features of Windows Server 2016 that will allow OW to integrate the newly acquired company’s domain into their existing forest.·         How will Forest Functional Levels be implemented?·         How will cross-forest trusts be implemented?·         How will replication be handled?Active Directory Certificate Services·         Will AD Certificate Services used in both domains need to be modified?Active Directory Rights Management Services·         What use of AD Rights Management Services can be implemented?Active Directory Federation Services·         AD Federation ServicesActive Directory:·         What forest/domain model should Fixing Windows LLC implement? What is the domain name?·         Where should the domain controllers be place? Should RODC be part of the consideration?·         FSMO Roles placement·         Plan for AD backup and recoveryGroup Policy:·         Is Group Policy needed?·         What settings might be considered via Group Policy?Other Windows 2016 Server features:·         Will WEB APPLICATION PROXY (WAP) be utilized?

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