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Economics homework help

Write a 10 page essay on Chinas Hong Kong.This protest has been continued till this point of time. Historically, the city of Hong Kong has enjoyed much social and economic freedom. However, this freedom is only limited to the non-political aspects and the political aspect has not been extended to the people of Hong Kong as the existing political administration is being controlled by Beijing which does not believe in democracy and democratic norms. And this has largely affected the social fabric of Hong Kong as this political divide has considerably created a rift in the society in which both supporters and dissenters to the political system exist. In the following parts of this paper, first protest background has been given in which historical perspective relating to political system has been provided. It is followed by the methodology section highlighting the research strategy for collecting the related data. Before the conclusion part, different aspects relating to Central have been discussed and elaborated as well.&nbsp.Hong Kong is a strange city where major types of social and economic rights exist and are exercised by the citizens of this city. Its current political system is based on ‘executive-led’ system in which Beijing and China extend authoritative powers to the executive branch having authority to take administrative and political decisions besides exercising unquestioned political authority for implementing the administrative decisions without requiring approval from Hong Kong’s political structure and the judiciary (Gittings 93).

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