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Economics homework help

I will pay for the following article Cassatt, Mary. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. tend the influence of their tutors to their styles in canvas, Cassatt’s style was notably different from the one used by Degas (National Art Gallery). According to the National Art Gallery, Degas also introduced Cassatt in the asymmetrical styles employed by Japanese artists and the use of bright colors. The use of bright colors according to Web Museum demonstrated a mood of gentleness that served to brighten by her constant use of the “golden lighting.” These aspects worked in harmony with the family and children which was the dominant theme in most of her works. Cassatt was always a quick learner who learnt the basics about a particular style in art and instead of reproducing the same pieces, she would always ensure that she employed her innovativeness to come up with impressive masterpieces. The best example is her portrayal of the techniques she learnt from Japanese art for instance asymmetry and wood block print. She was able to mould these techniques in such a way that they fit so perfectly within her own impressionsim themes. The paper looks at one of the works of Cassatt, “The Little Girl in Blue Armchair” (Figure 1) in order to relate it with its historical context, to establish the impact it had during the historical context, and the importance of the piece in contemporary art.The Context in which the Work was made. The painting of the Little Girl in Blue Armchair was done in 1878 and it painted in an oil canvas. The painting depicted the image of a little girl relaxingly sprawled in a chair. As outlined by National Art Gallery, the work demonstrated the keen observation of Cassatt in the way she managed to emphasize and display on an aspect that would otherwise be considered subtle and inconsequential. Cassatt manages to display the innocence of the little girl as she sits in the chair in a childlike manner.

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