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Earth Sciences homework help

Write a 4 pages paper on world class operation. According to the report findings the main role of benchmarking is to provide the management with the necessary information and knowledge of what composes the best performance in a certain field. Superior performance is mainly connected to output, efficiency, quality and other parameters that are related to performing a certain job. Therefore, benchmark not only investigates the best practices to improve the performance in the organization but the ways to achieve this performance. As a result, benchmarking is not a process of understanding the measurements but understanding the conditions necessary to achieve the desired results, the necessary results, and competency required in order to achieve top performance in the organization. As the research declares benchmarking has an important role of enhancing transparency in the organization. This is through enabling the organization to scrap off different aspects that hinder the flow of information from one department to the other. Through information sharing, the organization is able to understand the best practices to put in place in order to improve service delivery to the customers. The level of transparency and accountability within the organization is enhanced tremendously. The purpose of benchmarking is to enable the organization to develop realistic goals and strategies that will improve the performance of the organization. Benchmarking has an important purpose of providing the organization with a sense of urgency for improvement.

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