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Earth Sciences homework help

Need an argumentative essay on Israel & US aid. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.The United States policy aims at promoting trade and cooperation with other nations. However, the United States has gone through economic downturn while the Chinese communist government has been rising rapidly (China Times, 2011). China is the greatest creditor to the United States and is uncomfortable with a single country’s global reserve currency. China believes the US should cut spending on social security and military.According to People’s daily, Beijing was angered by the decision to downgrade the US debt by S & P. The Chinese stepped up criticism against the United States and complained of the scheme of worldwide currencies that has been subjugated by the US dollar. The primary reason is the desire for Beijing to protect its financial interests (McGrego, 2012). According to a Chinese official Xinhua, the mounting dept and opinionated battles with US have dented the illustration of US overseas. The Chinese officials asserted that the US must cease its addiction to debt and learn to live within its means (China Times, 2011). This shall ensure safety of the Chinese assets in dollars.According Jamil, Beijing is unhappy with the checks subjected to the Chinese investors in the United States. China accuses the united states of checking the political background of Chinese investors. One of the Chinese officials, Wang, criticized the united states of discrimination and overspending on military at the expense of the economy (UPI, 2012). The Chinese policy aims at protecting its international interest like increasing its military presence and military budget. The United States has been opposing increased military spending in China.China is exerting influence in places it never affected before. For decades, China did business with regimes like Iran and Sudan which were unfriendly to the United States (McGregor, 2012). Presently the Chinese are doing business with America’s closest allies. China surpassed the United States to become the

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