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Earth Sciences homework help

There are 4 parts and each part needs to have minimum 350-400 words.1500 words in total excluding the the questions. Need it in 24 hours please. 1. A critical issue in the addictions field, which is still bubbling and brewing, is the role of recovering counselors and recovery philosophies. Critically discuss and evaluate these two statements and their relationship to one another: Well- known addictions researcher Rudolf Moos, writing in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, asked: . . . “does a 12-step philosophy provide a more coherent and sustainable belief system, and thus more goal congruence and clarity, than does a cognitive behavioral orientation, which is based more on scientific evidence and technical expertise? Is it true that an ideology based only on empirical support cannot sustain service providers?” (Moos 2003, p. 6)Jimmy K., perhaps the best known founder and leader of Narcotics Anonymous, in a speech made in 1973 to the twentieth anniversary World Conference of NA: There are people all over this world dying of our disease. And believe it or not, we are truly the only people who can really help them. Let’s never forget that you and I have been given, through illness, through suffering, and through disease, a talent for helping other human beings like ourselves. (Jimmy K., quoted in The NA Way Magazine, July 2003)2. Brainstorm a list of synonyms for getting drunk. Next, brainstorm to think of synonyms for a drunk.Write down your responses.What did you notice about the list of words? Usually the words about getting drunk— smashed, bombed, stoned, and so on— seem violent but exciting. The words associated with a drunk— a bum, a no- good, a lush, and so on— are usually derogatory. What messages do the media give about alcohol, tobacco, and over- the- counter drugs? What messages do the media give about alcoholics and drug addicts?3. Read the following description of the fictitious people and rank them from 1 to 10 on the basis of how strongly you feel about their negative characteristics. Number 1 would represent the character you feel has the most negative characteristics and number 10 would have the fewest negative characteristics. For example, one might rank a person who deliberately gives a child an apple in which she has hidden razor blades as number 1 and a person who cheats on his diet by having a candy bar as number 10.· Rita is a mother who uses diet pills, tranquilizers, and booze, but gets upset when her kids use drugs. · Mrs. Elling, a school counselor, tells the parents of a student who has confided in her about his involvement with drugs. · Stan is a good provider, but he gets drunk occasionally and beats his wife. · Jackson sells a mixture of Nestlé’s Quik and saccharine as mescaline for $ 3 a hit. · Mariah obtains a large supply of “reds” ( barbiturates) and passes them around at school. · Mohammed, a 22- year- old man, has been drinking heavily at a party and decides to drive his buddies home in his parents’ car. · Police Officer Gaudette knows of a 9th- grade drinking party and decides not to investigate because “kids will be kids.” · Lee, a 17- year- old, turns his 12- year- old brother on to drugs. · Eldon constantly argues with his wife and causes family problems because he drinks and cannot hold a job. · Janice is addicted to heroin and steals in order to support her habit.After you have ranked all the people in the list, think about criteria you used to decide ranking. Discuss the values and attitudes that went into the ranking. How could these values and attitudes affect your future counseling work? Describe how attitudes can affect a counselor‘s interaction with clients.4. Describe two presumptive fallacies-those that make you think they address the facts-and two classification fallacies. Give an example of each and discuss how these fallacies can impact your work as a counselor.

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