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need to rewrite this and in diffident words.In my opinion, the most sensible idea in Paul Bowles’ article titled “Global Capitalism” is the “globalization weakens the nation state” view because as we all know, the nation state attempts to control the market, which reduces the ability of markets to interact and therefore restricting beneficial production and consumption. Supporters of globalization urge the implementation of “capital friendly” policies that will allow nations and the global economy to equally benefit and for the growth of less developed countries. International free trade is a policy that has efficiently spread success throughout the world.Bowles states that “capital friendly” governments and agreements will show better economic results because “Capital is stronger, the state is weaker, but all benefit.” I feel that this true and necessary because of the fact that poor nations can gain from this idea, which will help decrease global income inequality. In the near future, world equality can be achieved.As fellow classmate Paul Khoury believes that some integration is connecting markets, but not so interdependently because of little interaction with foreign markets, I would like to suggest an example that proves the successful integration of global economies. Technology allows countries of different statuses to participate in the world economy by unifying them to create and operate modern innovations. As global markets gain more power, they can presumably regulate the nation state, rather than be prohibited by the nation state from opportunities to achieve economic growth.”In my opinion, the most sensible idea in Paul Bowles’ article titled "Global Capitalism" is the"globalization weakens the nation state" view because as we all know, the nation…

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