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Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help

Use Processing to write and test code that meets the requirements below.1- Create a 600×600 window with a black background.2- Draw a 3-pixel wide border along the edge of your window. Use whatever color you’d like. Be sure your border is three pixels wide on all four sides.3-Divide the window into four quadrants by drawing 3-pixel wide horizontal and vertical dividing lines. Use the same color as your border color. These lines must be centered both horizontally and vertically.4-Draw a bright white circle in each of the four quadrants at random locations. Use a random number generator such that each time you run your program, the circles show up in different locations, but be sure the circles are entirely within their respective quadrants. Here’s an example of what your program should produce thus far:5-Extend your program so that if the user types the ‘R’ key, the program starts over. In other words, your program should erase everything, then redraw the borders and four new circles. What happens when the user holds down the ‘R’ key?6- Next, add new code (to the draw() function) such that whenever a user “mouses over” any of the circles, the circle’s color changes from white to green.7-Further, add code such that the user connects the dots with each “mouse over” event. For example, mousing over three of the four circles results in this:8- When all circles have been “moused over,” draw a line to close the shape. Click here for a running example. Further, from the picture above, mousing over the last white circle will draw two lines:9-For extra credit, have the horizontal and vertical midlines set randomly. In other words, divide the window into four unequally sized quadrants.10-For extra credit, ensure users connect the dots only in clockwise order. Also try adding numbers next to each circle, showing the order that must be followed (and enforce that order!).

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