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Computer Science homework help

Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: A concise report.Inasmuch as there seems to be so many opportunities in companies going global, businesses are expected to ensure that they develop effective business strategies and approaches that can enable them to keep pace with the great competition at this stage. In this regard, success in marketing seems to be among the best strategies that businesses operating globally can use as their competitive advantage. In deciding on the marketing approach, it is important that businesses understand the characteristics of the markets in which they are reaching in order to devise strategies that can appeal to the people in that market.With effective marketing, businesses can easily get their goods in shelves in wholesale and retail stores, which is necessary in order for them to be successful. Marketing strategies are not homogeneous, what may have been successful in the domestic market may not prove to be successful in the global market as well, which underpins the need for effective research and understanding of the global market before launching in the new market. This paper examines the different marketing approaches used by companies going global, focusing on the effectiveness of the relationship marketing approach as opposed to traditional/transactional approach in the global markets.The term “global marketing environment” is sometimes very complex to describe or explain since it encompasses various issues in the global business environment that are never constant, always changing. In order to have the best approach towards understanding what entails the global marketing environment, it is important that one examines some of the current literature and changes in the business environment.In the modern business world, the changing behavior and buying patterns of customers as the proliferation of many and new marketing channels have set up many new issues in the business environment

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