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Chemistry homework help

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Assess the difficulties confronting Americas response to the attacks of 11th September 2001. It needs to be at least 1000 words. To safeguard people’s interests, new strategies and plans were required to be developed and enforced. Laws needed to be framed to make Americans feel safe emotionally, physically and politically.Therefore, the US Patriotic Act was amended and renamed ‘USA Patriot and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act’. It was made more stringent and extra statutes included with wide ranging terrorists relating offences like deliberate and destructive activity against the state or its people resulting in loss of life or property, money laundering, surveillance and detention of people under suspect of terrorist activities etc. with capital punishment introduced. While such stringent measures are incorporated in the constitution, implementation is increasingly becoming tougher because of the multicultural fabric of the society in America.It is very important to understand the motivations behind the terrorism when engaged in counterterrorism efforts, mainly because today the terrorism has become high tech and spread globally, infiltrating the society to the extent that if not handled with cautious and premeditated techniques and strategies, involving the in-depth analysis of the socio-psychological background of the terrorist, it would be extremely difficult to take effective steps to countermand their intended actions, targeting the innocents and holding them to ransom.The general motives of the terrorists in this country and abroad involve coercive tactics and unlawful intimidation of the government bodies to force the government to accede to their vested interest regarding political, ideological or religious demands. Terrorists are people or individuals who commit intended violence against the innocents with the sole intention of harming the public and destroying the property in order to make them meet their vested political goals and religious fanatics’ demands.

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