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Chemistry homework help

I need some assistance with these assignment. the theology of st. luke Thank you in advance for the help! The other significant features include the proper usage of vocabulary, context, the geographical backdrop and the historical settings. We delve into each one of these here. The study of Luke’s theology has been seen in quite an interesting manner over a period of considerable time and one can easily manifest the energy and dynamism attached with it. However there have been a number of treatises which have been made with regards to Luke and one such is the work, though done in a creative fashion by Conzelmann. There has been a lot of discussions related with the purpose of writing down the Gospel and the Acts as well as the extent and importance of the editing that has been made with the passage of some time2. The historical reliability lies solely on the shoulders of the author and the theological tendencies are something to be spoken about in a free and fair manner. Conzelmann makes this as a point whereby the statement is made in relation to Luke’s purpose which was nothing but to ensure the salvation of historical times is made in a sequential yet tactful manner. Add to that, Marshall analyzes this in the light of a similar feeling where the notion is related to the salvation in its own right indeed. Some have suggested that there is an apologetic tone attached with the very same while there are others who attach a theological motive with it. The apologetic motive is made in the form of the defence of Christianity for either a single reason or for another purpose altogether while on the other hand, the theological motive is somewhat related with the identity of God’s people. Therefore an evaluation of Luke’s work in terms of whether or not the same service a specified purpose largely depends on the rationale that is made on a person’s assessment where different matters are kept in close check nonetheless. All of these form up to result in the evaluation process in entirety and cannot be denied their due roles.&nbsp.

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