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Chemistry homework help

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on ethics and legal environment, business association and torts, critical thinking Paper must be at least 3250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The negative publicity can affect the firms’ performance in the market and Gabe’s tenure might also cause dissension within the organization itself, especially among the shareholders who are intent on making a profit. To decide on this matter, Badaracco impresses on the decision maker to judge responsibly. Ultimately, he proposes the evaluation of the interests of all the stakeholders involved. The idea is to determine the benefit so that the decision will achieve “the most good and the least harm” (p.5).The entire list that should be evaluated to determine the net benefit can be constituted by the entire organization. This variable is representative of the shareholders, the employees and Garry, himself, as the owner. Such evaluation, however, is complicated by the fact that a dismissal may have a mixed impact internally. For instance, the organization may benefit from it as it could achieve favorable market perception. However, the organization could also suffer from being kept out of a beneficial chairmanship. To resolve this, one could try looking at specific details of the case. An outline of these relevant facts can reveal the best possible benefit for the organization.First, there is the fact that Gabe is not only a productive leader but he also excels in forging relationships. He has great people skills, a trait that helped him earn the chairmanship in the first place. It follows, therefore, that he has excellent relations with both employees and shareholders alike. He must, therefore, be well regarded among these stakeholders. Calls for his dismissal, hence, may not be strong within the firm. It is also helpful to consider several mitigating circumstances. There is Gabe’s work for the community and his causes. In addition, there is the motivation behind the exposure of Gabe’s criminal record. Skeeter had malicious intent in leaking Gabe’s story to the media.

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