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Chemistry homework help

PART A: Introduce the Culture and IdentifyFolkways, Values, and Taboos (Mores) What culture did you research? Provide a brief introductory and background about the culture you researched. Why did you choose to research that particular culture? What is at least one interesting folkway in the culture? What is at least one important value in the culture? What is at least one taboo or more in the culture? *Please make sure to use concepts and terminology found in your textbook about culture and remember to distinguish which things are the folkways, values, and taboos in your assignment. Part B: IdentifyTwo Agents of Socialization What are at least two agents of socialization that are central in teaching some of the particular cultural folkways, values, and taboos you presented? *Please, make sure to use terminology and concepts found in the textbook regarding agents of socialization as part of your discussion.

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