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PM586 SEC H PROJECT PART 2 SEITZ HUNTSVILLE PROJECT HUNTSVILLE PLANT REPORT Janis is being optimistic that the project will end by the end of 2009. After building a schedule from the Huntsville Task List, it seems impossible. Project is not even finishing by the deadline set by board of directors, which is June 30, 2010. According to the schedule if followed as is, the project distribution (last phase) ends on July 8, 2010, a week after the deadline. It is obvious that the project cannot get done by the end of 2009 as Janis would have liked but there are a few options that if followed properly can ensure that the Project meets the deadline or even finish a few weeks before the deadline. According to the schedule, Project is duration 64 weeks, out of which 40 weeks are occupied by Building Construction . I believe this task can be finished earlier than 40 weeks since Janis has a huge budget and plenty of resources, all she lacks is time, which could be bought. A possible option would be to get temp contractors to expedite the building construction process and may be save 5 or more weeks which will ensure an on time project. Another must do should be reducing the time on Equipment Procurement which takes about 6 months according to the schedule. If proper planning has been done in the planning phase, this task shouldn t last more than 3 months since the PM has all the resources available. Reference MS Project Part 2 schedule

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