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Biology homework help

chapter 14 and 15 As the explosion of the cotton industry ushered into America a large slave population, an eventual national question surfaced; would America continue to use this brutal form of forced labor or would a new direction to be taken? The Civil War of 1861-1865, for the most part, was fought to answer that question. The country was divided into North (Free) and South (Slave) as a vicious war took an extraordinary toll on the American population. More people died in the Civil War than all of the wars since then, combined! President Abraham Lincoln led the country in this war and was able to live to see the 13th amendment passed. He was assassinated a few short months later and never saw the passage of the 14th and 15th amendments.For this week, write a short descriptive essay on the 13th (page 560), 14th (page 582) and 15th (page 585) amendments. A descriptive essay is one that describes the topic. For example, you should answer what is the purpose of each amendment? What does each one do?Good luck!

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