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Compose a 1250 words essay on The significance of colonialism Salman Rushdies Midnights Children. Needs to be plagiarism free!This discussion talks that while looking at the events in the story of the book, Rushdie ‘pretends’ to be an outsider, as if one is observing the game of cricket from beyond the boundary line. But he is a perfect player very much in the game and his knowledge and views are original, though he creates tension-ridden situations and controversies. He articulates the procedure of repossession the identity through from the deeps fissures created in the society by its long interaction with imperialism. Emancipation procedure through the “pre-adoption of the own language or dialect” is a tough option. He argues, “In a country where the truth is what it is instructed to be, reality quite literally ceases to exist so that everything becomes possible except what we are told is the case”. Salman Rushdie traces the arrival of colonial powers, their standard method of working to ‘divide and rule’ the society to establish the firm foothold. In the process, the economic exploitation continued without intermission, and the missionaries helped them from the sidelines, and also by occupying the center stage when occasion demanded. In any case, they were the reliable allies to the colonial powers and actively helped in the process of colonization. Rushdie sees the horizon past the western frame of thinking and initiates a critical investigation of facts and constructed realities. He stands by his conviction that spaces for independent thinking and giving rooms for the ideas of each other will contribute to the creation of societies based on equality.

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