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Compose a 1000 words essay on Evaluate the Marxist perspective on Religion. Needs to be plagiarism free!In light of this reasoning, socialist states based on Marxist-Leninist theory are mainly non-believers and clearly antireligious (Callinicos, 2008). Owing to this resentment, several Marxist-Leninist states in the 20th century made atheism one of the most important government policies (Mezhuev, 2012). Nonetheless, a number of religious communist movements have subsisted in countries such as the Soviet Union and China, which were predominantly atheist and are credited for playing an important role in the ancient growth and spread of communism (Marx, 2002).Karl Marx believes that religious philosophies embrace a system that makes the world order sick. He feels that a society that needs ‘illusionary’ religion lacks something important, based on reality (Dorpalen, 1985). Karl Marx discusses two major roles of religion in the actual societal environment. it involves being the people’s opium and also serving as the way out for discriminated beings. Marx argues that these twin roles of religion are not identical. Marx mentions the two main functions of religious philosophies in what he refers to as the actual society (Thrower, 1983. Pottenger, 1989).According to Mansueto (2002), by comparing religion to opium in reference to the treatment of the members of the society, Marx argues that religion is the source of anaesthesia to the populations. According to him, religion provides a safe passage for people to flee from a number of painful episodes affecting their real life to somewhere they can have a better feeling when their state of anguish is debilitating them. As Callinicos (2008) has argued, religion prevents suffering of the masses as of present. It enables people to eliminate their sorrow because believers have faith in their resuscitation in heaven, or the eternity which will follow their ‘real’ death. And as it would happen after death,

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