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Directions: In learning plan 6 you were instructed to decide on a business that you might like to start. For your final project explain your business and provide the necessary documents to start your business. Describe what your business will be, what type of business entity you will establish, how many employees you plan to employ. Determine who your partners will be if you decide on a form some sort of partnership and who will be part of your corporation if you will be part of a type of corporation. Explain why you choose this type of business entity for your business.Using the internet, locate the statutes governing that business entity in your state and determine what documents will be necessary to start that business. (Provide those statute numbers as part of the submission.) Using the statutes you located and the sample documents provided in the instructional materials in LP6 draft the necessary documents to start your business.Finally, determine whether you will need to own or lease personal or real property. If you determine that you will need to lease property, draft the appropriate lease documents including all relevant information. (Samples located in the LP7 Instructional Material or should have been located as part of your LP7 activities on the internet). (Some of the information contained in the lease may need to be fictional if you don’t have a particular piece of property or lessee in mind). If you determine you need to purchase property, prepare a bill of sale or warranty deed (samples located in the LP7 instructional materials) depending upon whether it is personal or real property. Please keep in mind that for purposes of the project you will need to lease or purchase personal or real is a student friendly website that is characterized by high level ofexpertise in fields such as economics, engineering, medicine, business, social sciences,mathematics,…

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