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Need an argumentative essay on JAPANESE CIVILIZATION. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.According to the historical background of the Kamakura, religion was their center of governance and all their decisions were also to run in accordance with their religious rules. Hover much they tried to keep and safeguard their religious beliefs and policies, they still faced some challenges that almost messed up their religion (Kimura 206). The monks were to give directions as they follow but due to the high rate of women seduction, they could not make it as the monks fell into women trap hence leading to direction loss.As per my perception, the development of the Kamakura was mainly based on the stability of Buddhism as a religion. This is so because they had strong belief in their religion hence giving all the powers to their religious leaders. It can therefore be assumed that at one time, the Kamakura faced a lot of difficulties in relation to governance after the parting of some monks. The adulterous also lead to religion break up and this further in turn led to group split out. The Kamakura was therefore separated into different groups based on their beliefs and trust hence leading to the formation or re-establishment of religious beliefs and policies that were to be maintained at all

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