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Anthropology homework help

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: –photography. Film Review of a Documentary on Bill Career Bill is a passionate photographer who spends a significant part of his life taking photos of fashion in the streets of New York. In most incidences, he is at strategic points on streets or ramp way watching on anything new to photo. The generation of his time realizes his passion for his photographing career thereby they are always alert by ensuring they wear something for Bill to capture when they run on each other on the streets. In fact, one of Bill’s fans says that they used to wear for bill (Bill, 11-24). To accomplish his career, he uses his bicycle to move on the city.Fashion is something that defines a generation or a culture. That is why, during different time in history of humanity, there have been a variant in fashions trend. It is this fact that influenced Bill’s career and fascinates him. While on the street, Bill never minds being hit by car. This is depicted in the film where at some point he is in between traffic, which endangers him. He realizes this and admits that it is never easy to capture fashion in New York City. Again, Bill says he is never interested in celebrities free dresses neither is he a paparazzi. In the film, it is clear that the females have a rich orientation of fashion in their dress code than male. This is so because in Bill’s photo gallery, he has more females’ pictures than males’ (Bill, 46-51).In conclusion, Bill act of photographing and reporting to public influences the fashion trend of the day. Whenever Bill shared a new fashion, it could be noted afterwards that people could adopt the new fashion. Undoubtedly, bill had passion of his career since in several occasions he turned down monetary offers from people. Work citedBill Cunningham New York: A Film by Richard Press. Zeitgeist Films Ltd, 2012.

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