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Anthropology homework help

You have been assigned to install workstation, software, and networking equipment for a 250-person call center. This call center is an addition of capabilities for an existing company of 500+ people. You are an IT Project Management consultant that has been brought in to implement this project and have three months to complete the project. Complete a project plan for this scenario as follows:1. Develop a WBS, Network Diagram, and Gantt Chart for the project (Must include at least 30 activities and 10 resources minimum).2. Include all necessary project dependencies.3. List all project resources, and assign costs to each resource.4. Baseline the project plan.5. Input at least three project updates.6. Create an Earned Value Report and at least one other report from MS Project 2010 reports.7. Create a one-page Word document summarizing an overview of the project.8. Put all files together in a zip file, and submit them for grading.WBS Task Name days 1 The Computer Installation 90 The planning phaseGround work for exhaustive project planRequirement analysisConduct a research to show the necessity of the…

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