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Anthropology homework help

Question:QUANTITATIVE OXIDATIONS WITH POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE LABPOST LAB1. Would your calculated NORMALITY be increased, decreased or unchanged if the following problem occurred. Give reasons.A. The Mohr’s salt you used contained small amounts of non-hydrated water.B. 200 ml. of water were used to dissolve the Mohr’s salt sample in place of the required amount.C. The endpoint was carried to a deep red in place of the normal light pink.D. The phosphoric acid was not added as the endpoint was approached.2. Write balanced equations to illustrate what would happen is in the standardization of the KMnO4 the acid (H2SO4) was omitted.  How would you note this error?*I attached my lab with the directions as well as the completed lab all except for the Post Lab questions. Also, could you make sure that my Normality (2.07 N) and Percent by Weight of H2O2 (2.77%) at the bottom of page 6 is correct.I need the Normality = mols of e- / Liters of Solution. Not Molarity as another site got that confused…  As well as in-depth reasons as to why the normality changed or did not change. Thanks!

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